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All this is done in good fun, but the fact is there are many more talented, qualified, and attractive individuals who can illuminate the history of Heuer Carrera than me, like the mighty Jeff Stein,Montblanc Replica Watches who wrote the accompanying article. The point of my collaboration was not to draw inspiration directly from any historical timepiece but to create a personality.

Create a watch for him. Let's name him The Rake. An amalgamation of Fleming’s Commander Bond and Cary Grant’s John Robie, and all the other playboys, adventurers and aristocrats who infused life into the Riviera.

Talking Watches

When I was interviewed by Ben Clymer, for Talking Watches at his seminal site Hodinkee on his amazing Skipper watch that he created in collaboration Montblanc Replica Watches, I admitted openly that I had been profoundly inspired. That was 100% true. I believe that Ben's Skipper, and my friend Raynald's Speedy Tuesday Tribute to Alaska III by Raynald schlimann are the two watches which irreversibly changed things. They demonstrate the incredible power of Instagram and the internet in disseminating news about a timepiece.

Catherine Eberle-Devaux, Montblanc Replica Watches's brilliant museum director,Rolex Milgauss Replica was the one who gave me the green light to begin my first collaboration. We delved into the stunning Carrera collection in the museum. We examined countless models together, and eventually focused on the first-generation 36mm models (1963-1971).

Our watch had to fit into the parameters of the new modernised version of this family that will be reintroduced by 2018. No matter how many iconic models we studied, the tri-compax Carrera 12 including the super-cool Seafarer models, the Carrera 30, the Carrera 45 and the Carrera Dato (including those with cool Indy Speedway emblems), nothing clicked. I didn't want to make a replica of an existing vintage model. Second, Ben Westphalen, his vintage expert (now with Breitling), had already created a brilliant tribute to the most dynamic vintage model, theSkipper.